high quality Outdoor extended roof top tent

Product Description

High Quality Outdoor Extended Roof Top Tent

Extended roof top tent is ready within minutes, so you can relax and enjoy the outdoors. There are certainly benefits to be enjoyed from highset camping. The views are better, less sand gets transported into your tent and there’s extra security, which let’s face it, with abundant wildlife, this can make for a more restful night’s sleep.

  • The car roof top tent comes with an optional fully enclosed annex that doubles as an enclosed porch / vestibule space for gear.
    Side awning is also available for a pleasant rest.

    Main Features

    ☻Large Zippers
    ☻Easy Set up

    ☻Thick Mattress
    ☻High Altitude
    ☻Telescoping Ladder
    ☻Optional Annexe and Side Awning

    !!! WARNING !!!

    ▼The ladder is an important support for the tent. DO NOT raise the ladder when the tent is in use.
    ▼DO NOT overload.
    ▼DO NOT drive your vehicle with the tent opening.
    ▼DO NOT use the tent in the wind of level 5 or higher.
    ▼DO NOT use the tent on a steep slope.
    ▼DO NOT leave kids alone in the roof top tent.
    ▼Beware of the height after you install the tent on your car roof.
    ▼If the tent gets wet, make sure it is dry before folding the tent.

    Product Contrast





  • Overedging

    Overedging is everywhere with perfect stitching, high wear resistance provides long life of the tent.


    Terrible overedging which is easy to wear through, the edge will expose and tear up.


  • Seam

    We use rubber hot air seam sealing tape to cover the seams, increase the waterproof capability.


    Without any protection over seams, the tent tends to leak when it rains.


  • Joints

    Semi-Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine Bottle Making Machine Bottle Moulding Machine.


    Plastic joints that easy to break and age; fragile structure will put you in danger.
    The life of each plastic joint is just 1 fiftieth that of an alloy steel joint.


  • Telescoping ladder

    Semi-Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine Bottle Making Machine Bottle Moulding Machine.

    Telescoping ladder

    Joints of the round ladder are not stable at all, which may slid when you climb on the ladder.

    Detailed Images

  • Storage bags

    Big storage bags are on each side of the tent. You can put your cloths, cell phone, keys or anything into the bags.

    Aluminium pipes


    The aluminium pipes are lightweight, strong and never get rust. They support the tent with our alloy steel fittings.
    The angles fit the tent corner perfectly.

  • Windows

    There is a sunshade over every window. It not only keeps the sun out, but also prevent the water from dropping in.

    Each window has a window screen, keeps those annoying winged insects away.


    Waterproof zips with high quality, making the tent an unbreakable shield around you.

  • Mattress

    The mattress is 65mm thick, soft and comfortable for every adventurer.

    It comes with a high-density foam mattress so you don’t even need to worry about inflating air mattresses.

  • Side awning and annex

    You will need nothing more when you have the tent, side awning and annex on your car roof. You can lie under the awning drinking tea, or change your cloths in the annex. The annex can be also an extra tent to sleep in.

  • Window screen room

    The window screen room is an update for normal awning. It shades the sun for you and what's more, it creates a private space and prevent you from disturbing by invests and leaves etc.

  • Packing & Delivery

  • Packing & Delivery
146cm (L) * 128cm (W) * 27cm (D)
Packaging Details
Each tent has a cover itself, we put it in a carton and tie the cartons together with bands.