220V double hook capacity 500kg PA mini electric hoist lifti

Product Description

220V double hook capacity 500kg PA mini electric hoist lifting height 6m to 15m 

 The PA series mini electric hoist works under a voltage of 100V to 230V. It is mainly used to lift heavy goods under household power supply. A limiting device is provided to ensure the electricity is cut automatically when the hook has met its limit in height. It ensures a high level of safety. This product has been CE certified. We provide different colors for you to choose.

  • Main Features

    1) Approved by CE/GS/TUV/UL

    2) Powerful pure copper motor, with good electrical conductivity

    3) The protection class is IP54

    4) With upper limiting device

    5) Lower limiting device optional

    6) Aircraft anti-rotation wire rope

    7) Different switches with or without emergency brake

    8) Fixed or movable

    250kg (single line)
    500kg (double line)
    Lifting speed 
    10m/min (single line)
    5m/min (double line)
    AC 220/230V,
    1-phase, 50/60Hz
    Lifting height
    12m (single line)
    6m (double line)
    Input power
    Gross weight
    Packing size
    Detailed Images

  • Fixed hoist double line pulling


        With the hanging hole and pulley block, the lifting force can be doubled.

        Every hoist of ours will be well tested before packing.

    Anti-rotation wire rope


        The aircraft anti-rotation wire rope is stronger than normal wire ropes and can prevent the goods from rotation. In that case the lifting process becomes safer.

  • Motor rotor and magnetic braking device


        Our motor rotor is designed with an extra fan. This allows for excellent heat dissipation and an extended lifespan of the motor.

        Our magnetic braking device has proven to continuously work under full load for 72 hours. It can prevent goods from falling off.

    Copper coil


        The copper coil of the motor is of superior quality and good conductivity. It is covered by insulation materials.

        Thermal protector can be installed to prevent the motor from overheat.

  • Helical gears


        We have designed the hoist with high-precision helical gears to greatly reduce noise.

        Made of high-tensile forged steel. Each tooth is quenched to gain high hardness and wear resistance.

    Upper limiting device


        In case that you may lose control of our hoist, this upper limiting device can cut down the power once it was lifted.

        We also provide lower limiting device for you to choose.

  • Switch handle

        Standard switch handle with emergence brake, saving lives and goods.

    Switch handle

        Small simple switch handle, without solenoid inside, safer for users.

    Switch handle

        Standard switch handle, cheap and easy to operate.

    Electric trolley


        Powered by AC 100V to 230V electric source.

        New design makes it simple to install and control.

        High-quality steel spur gears to ensure the electric trolley runs smoothly.

  • 4-direction switch handle


        When you need the electric trolley, this 4-direction switch handle will be necessary for controlling both of the hoist and trolley. Switch with emergency button is also available.

    Hanging hole


        The hanging hole is used for double line lifting. When the load is beyond the single line lifting force, hook it here and use the pulley block, the rated line pull will be doubled.

  • Hoist frame


        The frame is in small volume, but can bear heavy load.

        Very easy to install.

        Rotate 180 degrees, with premium casting steel clamp.