JNDO Smart series extension type hoist

JNDO Smart series hoist Ai

Product superiority:
1.Break through the double speed,Multitronic.
  My company's Ai series intelligent elevator broke through the traditional high-end lifting device of double speed control mode, realize the infinitely variable speed control.Ai series intelligent elevator can not exceed the maximum speed under the condition of running at the speed of any you need.
2.Lifting speed, accurate degree.
Ai series intelligent ascend machine has unmatched by traditional high-end lifting device of 60 m/min ultra-high speed and unparalleled 5 mm/SEC of ultra-high precision,Is the fastest, most accurate lifting device.
3. Balance model, up and down freely.
Ai series intelligent elevator equipped with "force balance model",In this mode the operator only needs to use a small force can make the load follow hands running up and down.
4.Photoelectric sensor, prevent touch.
Ai series intelligent elevator is equipped with photoelectric sensors,Can automatically identify the normal operation of a man's hand,When the operator mistakenly touch operation device of intelligent elevator will remain the original state,To prevent wrong operation, avoid accidents.
5.Refused to overload, safety and no rebound.
Ai intelligent elevator can automatically stop when overload.Smart upgrade induction machine has the weight function, elevator stop moving when the load exceed the specified value.
Intelligent Ai type hoist rebound function, equipment will not happen when the sudden changes in the load weight rebound or offset, to reduce the occurrence of serious accidents.
6.Power-off protection, let you worry-free.
Ai has electromagnetic brake type intelligent elevator installation, when the equipment accident, power load will be instant brake remain in place.
Provide safeguard for the safety of the operator.
  Ai series extension type features:
  Choice of lifting weight: 80 kg, 150 kg, 300 kg and 600 kg weight
  Ultra high speed, maximum speed of 60 m/min
  High precision: less than 5 mm/s of speed adjustment.
  Intelligent control: to set the display speed, force balance model, load weight, etc
  Ai series extension type unique features:
  Install a functional extension module, function can be realized customization, to satisfy the customer different needs.
    Ai series controller configuration
JNDO series intelligent elevator Ai offers a variety of handle configuration, you can choose the most suitable for your configuration.
Coaxial with the handle
When using coaxial with the handle, follow the action of a man's hand moving load. The handle can make operators close to the load for precise control.
Installed with the handle
This configuration is suitable for the operator does not need to do not need to be close to the load, can get control and coaxial with the handle of the same.
Pendent touching the handle
This configuration is suitable for the net space is limited and the operator can't close to the load or to implement a big trip.
Along with the handle features:
1 LCD display capability
  Are installed on the handle liquid crystal displays,The elevator operation parameters can be set menu type, and it also can display the load information such as weight, operation mode, the error code.
2 360 ° rotating components
  Handle internal installation of rotating components, allowing 360 ° rotation, you can manipulate it in any direction.
3 Photoelectricity induction
  Handle the internal configuration has photoelectric sensing device, the device can identify the operator whether or not in place, unless made personnel movement instruction, otherwise, the device does not allow equipment running.
4  The human body engineering handle
Handle shape completely accord with human body engineering, make the operator more comfortable when using.